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  • School Membership

    Every year
    • This plan includes sessions for each year group from Year R
    • - Year 6 for each term. Yoga for children is becoming
    • increasingly popular and there are many reasons for this.
    • Yoga helps children manage their anxieties by promoting
    • emotional regulation, it increases children's body awareness
    • their mindfulness and self esteem. Yoga is also known to
    • significantly increase children's concentration and memory
    • thus improving results in the classroom. Yoga also develops
    • strength and flexibility.
  • Care Home Membership

    Every year
    • Weekly sessions available for a year that can be done in
    • 5-10 minute slots to break up the day and get your body
    • moving. This not only looks after your physical and mental
    • health but can also help ease symptoms of arthritis,
    • dementia and much more. These classes can also strengthen
    • bones, reduce stress, improve sleep, enhance flexibility,
    • balance, mobility and strength. Yoga can also alleviate
    • aches and pains as well as reducing depression.
  • Office Membership

    Every year
    • These classes vary between seated and standing poses that
    • can be done in 5-10 minute slots in order to break up the
    • day and get moving. This not only looks after physical
    • and mental health but also helps productivity while seated
    • at the desk if a short stretch break is taken to clear your
    • mind and refocus.
  • Bespoke Membership

    Every year
    • With our bespoke packages you will get access to classes
    • that are tailored to your needs. This includes any
    • conditions you may have or issue areas that you are working
    • on. If you have a bad back, arthritis of specific areas, you
    • want to improve tight hips, work on text neck, improve
    • anxiety, blood pressure or regular headaches then the
    • bespoke package is for you.
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