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Be Well With Pam

The Holistic Way.. The Right Way

At Be Well With Pam we look at healing through a holistic approach. Not only through a range of yoga classes but alongside healing treatments such as acupressure, reiki, crystal reiki, meditation and ayurvedic lifestyle.


These methods can be used together or separately.


Holistic healing investigates your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self rather than temporarily managing symptoms of a health problem that later manifests into a deeper issue.


We work to identify any blocked energy centres that can be causing physical or emotional symptoms and work on re-balancing your chakras to allow for the natural flow of energy through your body. 


If your spirit is broken and your connection to yourself and your values have been shaken, you can become ill.

Even if your eating all the right foods and exercising... listen to all of you and all of your needs. 

Don't become spiritually and mentally bankrupt. 


I really enjoyed my reiki experience. Pam explained what she was going to do and what each crystal represents. I find it very difficult to relax generally but she made me feel so comfortable it was easy to do so. After the session we had an in-depth talk about what we both felt during the reiki and what it represents. 100% recommend, booking in another session soon.

Crystal Reiki

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Be Well With Pam is committed to exceeding your needs. Questions, comments or special requests? We’d love to hear from you, so don’t hesitate to reach out today.

07702 065 440

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